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Are you looking for a high quality Apulian extra virgin olive oil?

Discover our high quality products obtained from olives of the Coratina variety, monocultivar.

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CHIAROSCURO Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Lemon flavored

Carton containing 1 or 12 bottles of 250 ml (8.5 FL OZ)

Product Code: 0046661

LEMON – The Mediterranean sun in a versatile and scented oil. A delicate and persistent aroma, fresh and light taste. Ideal on salads, tartare, grilled fish, vegetables and roasted meats. Carton containing 1 or 12 bottles of 250 ml (8.5 FL OZ).


De Robertis FLAVORED oils are condiments based on extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean plants, spices, dehydrated essences or natural aromas, coming from a controlled supply chain.
11,Their infusion into extra virgin olive oil ensures fragrance and persistence to perfume and taste. This is how they are used:
Just a few raw drops, before serving the dish, to enhance it and customize its final flavours or, simply, to add that missing ingredient in the pantry!

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1 Bottles of 250 ml, 12 Bottles of 250 ml