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The milling of the De Robertis olive oil is performed by a third party mill that adheres to strict EU rules regarding hygiene, processing, storage and olive origin.

We monitor and are present for each phase of each process right through to the time of bottling. This assurse you the client, are getting an olive oil from olives that pertain the “De Robertis Estate”.

To achieve the pure goodness and full taste of our olive oil, we use modern and cold extraction either same day crushing or within 3 to 6 hr period. The process employs minimal but highly efficient technology, resulting in the use of far less water, no additional heat and absolutely no solvents. During malaxation (is the action of slowly churning or mixing milled olives), there is minimal exposure to oxygen during what is the longest phase of oil production. This oxygen exposure is carefully calibrated to ensure optimal flavor.

Throughout the milling process, attention is paid to the smallest detail. The fruit is crushed with pits, because within the white core of the pit lies a subtle flavor that, once released, changes the pungency of the oil. We don’t use water when cleaning before our olives are crushed because the less water, the more complex the resulting flavor. Throughout the process, temperatures are maintained at 20° to 24° C, with the focus always on quality rather than yield.

Our supervison and involvement in each process ensures us and you the client that you are getting a high quality extra virgin olive from the De Robertis estate. A product not tampered with or mixed with other blends of olives from other orchards.