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Polyphenols and health

Extra-virgin olive oil is the basic ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet, the marvelous and well balanced nutritional model that has remained the same over the centuries and that unites the quality of food with psycho-physical wellbeing, environmental sustainability and traditional culture

The extra virgin olive oil properties


Over the past few years, we have been witness to a rise in the general awareness of people in relation to the importance of healthy eating habits which, together with physical exercise and a balanced lifestyle, become the determinant factors for living longer and better.
This awareness was considerably boosted by the enormous progress made in scientific research and by Internet, through which the results of these studies are rapidly spread to all of us.
We have found that increasing attention has been paid to studying the nutraceutic properties of extra-virgin olive oil, and a now uncountable number of studies have proven the benefits that the human body gains by its daily assumption. Polyphenols are amongst the most precious components of extra-virgin olive oil, the only plant oil that is rich in them. These substances, which determine its characteristic fruity aroma and pungent and bitter taste, have a high anti-oxidizing power that, as well as protecting the oil from oxidizing when it comes into contact with oxygen, also perform a strong anti-oxidizing action on our body. Quantifying the amount of polyphenols is extremely important to us because, as well as guaranteeing the genuineness of the product, it has made it possible for us to monitor the trend of these amounts over the years and implement the measures of improvement in the work processes that have enabled us today to withhold the greatest concentration possible of them in the de Robertis Olive Oil.

Health values

• Polyphenols (Biophenols) 666 mg/Kg
• Oleic acid 78.36%
• Free Fatty Acids in % Oleic Acid 0,20
• Peroxides 3.7 meq O2/Kg

Note: Chemical analysis at time of crush