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Our product

Our Multi-award winning Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coratina variety.

The De Robertis CHIAROSCURO High quality Extra Virgin olive oil is made from the highest quality, carefully selected, coratina olives, producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil. CHIAROSCURO EVOO is characterized by a very low acidity degree and very high polyphenol concentration value. We do not blend our oil with other cultivars. This attention to detail and quality is what produces the highest amount of health benefits from De Robertis EVOO.
Free fatty acidity is a direct measure of the quality of the oil, and reflects the care taken right from blossoming and fruit set, our good storage practices, (helping to prevent oxidation), to the eventual consumption of the oil.
Year over year our polyphenol, (antioxidants), levels are extremely high. Polyphenols in olive oil are natural antioxidants that create resistance to oxidation. They have been shown to have a host of beneficial effects from healing sunburn to lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk of coronary disease.
The higher the polyphenols the higher the antioxidants!
The Coratina varietal is one of the most important Italian olive varieties. Coratina is widely appreciated among olive oil connoisseurs for its strong, persistent and spicy character.

Balance and longevity are the result of our dedication and constant attention all throughout the production process. If treated properly, a bottle of coratina extra virgin olive oil can maintain its fresh and lively flavour up to even 18 or 24 months if stored properly and in the right conditions.

The coratina cultivar is typically used as an oil to blend with other oils to improve the quality of the latter oils. Having said this, the coratina cultivar on its own produces an extra virgin olive oil of such a high quality that it is rarely bottled pure. CHIAROSCURO EVOO is made from 100% unblended coratina olives. A robust Coratina monocultivar from Puglia Italy.
CHIAROSCURO Coratina EVOO is a wide and embracing with an intense green fruitiness, hints of artichoke leaf and an elegant spiciness. In the mouth, powerful notes of leafy vegetables are present, including almonds, wild chicory and thistle.

We are very proud of the quality of our extra virgin olive oil and will always backup the quality of result  by providing our third party testing analysis.


Our product

CHIAROSCURO - 100% Italiano Monocultivar Coratina
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

CHIAROSCURO is our tribute to one of the world’s most important cultivars: Coratina, at the height of its varietal expression. On the DE ROBERTIS estate, the trees stand tall and majestic just above sea level, giving rise to a powerful extra virgin olive oil, aromatic and palatable.


We monitor the mechanical extraction to maintain a constant processing temperature so that the pressed olives and the must oil obtained spend just moments in contact with or are exposed to oxygen. The just-extracted Extra Virgin Olive Oil is placed into our dedicated stainless steel silos.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is stored in stainless steel protected from light at a temperature below 22°C to prolong the shelf-life; it is then bottled (just before the product leaves for markets) using a bottle that reduces the impact of UV-ray penetration by 97%.

Olives area of origin: Trani, Puglia
Extra Virgin Olive Oil production area: Corato (third party Oil Mill)
Olive variety: Coratina
Color: Intense Green
Harvesting Method: mechanical and manual Harvest Date: Mid October – Early November
Shelf life: 18 months from bottling
Note: Our Third-party laboratory evaluations available upon request



Chiaroscuro (just like its name suggests) is an olive oil which loves contrasts and strong flavors, even when it comes to the kitchen: the sweetness of food makes this EVOO’s characteristic bitterness harmonious and balanced.
With its vegetable and spicy notes, Chiaroscuro can enrich a wide range of appetizers – in particular, we would suggest you to use it on bruschetta with salami or with Ventricina Teramana, a soft spreadable made of pork fat seasoned with spices such as red peppers and fennel seeds; you can also add Chiaroscuro to bruschetta with ‘Nduja, a particularly spicy soft spread made of pork fat from Calabria, or on bruschetta with marinated salmon or tuna, or one with tasty sweet tomatoes. Chiaroscuro also gives delicious vegetable notes to meat carpaccio and legume soup (e.g. pork and beans soup).
Chiaroscuro tastes also perfect on meat dishes (grilled, braised or stewed meat), as it makes the flavour impeccably harmonious and rich; moreover, it is also good on grilled vegetables or fish, and fantastic on lamb (Agnello alla Romana, abbacchio), pizzaiola meat and Gulasch. Chiaroscuro has an ideal use on Tex Mex preparations such as chilli with meat.
Perfect with tomato bruschette, tuna carpaccio, swordfish salads, grilled radicchio, lentil soups, risotto with porcini mushrooms, boiled octopus, stewed lamb, baked game and medium mature cheese.

(Thank you https://www.extraevo.com/chiaroscuro-de-robertis/ for the review)