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Olive Grove

The DE ROBERTIS orchards are located in the Apulian region of Italy just a few km inland from the historic town of Trani in the “Terra di Bari” territory on the Adriatic coast.

Stretched across over 74 acres, the DE ROBERTIS orchards produce an olive variety called Coratina which produce our high quality extra virgin olive oil. The trees are blessed by an abundance of sun that works throughout the day to nurture and ripen the olives.

Our extra virgin olive oil is created with a deep respect for the land. We ensure that the trees get enough water during the year and ensure the earth around the trees are always kept in an orderly manner so that the fruit will flourish. We ensure year after year that each tree is pruned accordingly by our team of pruners that have been handed down this expertise from generation to generation. Proper pruning helps rejuvenate branches, eliminate dry or damaged wood, this all assists the tree to vegetate and produce sound quality olives.

“The olive tree is surely
the richest gift of Heaven”

Thomas Jefferson