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Are you looking for a high quality Apulian extra virgin olive oil?

Discover our high quality products obtained from olives of the Coratina variety, monocultivar.

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Flavoured CHIAROSCURO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Box, Ginger – Lemon – Pistachio

Box of 3 bottles x 250ml each (8.5 FL OZ each)

Product Code: 0047791

GINGER Flavor – An exotic aroma with a light spicy taste. Ideal for seasoning fish carpaccio, vegetable dips, dishes with exotic rice, raw broccoli and carrots.

LEMON Flavor – The Mediterranean sun in a versatile and scented oil. A delicate and persistent aroma, fresh and light taste. Ideal on salads, tartare, grilled fish, vegetables and roasted meats.

PISTACHIO Flavour – A full taste that fills the palate, delicate fragrance, slightly toasted. A fruit that originates from the Middle East and today widespread in Italy and much appreciated. Ideal with cheeses, salmon and shellfish. Used also in the preparation of cakes and cookies.

Carton containing 3 bottles of 250 ml (8.5 FL OZ).


De Robertis FLAVORED oils are condiments based on extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean plants, spices, dehydrated essences or natural aromas, coming from a controlled supply chain. Their infusion into extra virgin olive oil ensures fragrance and persistence to perfume and taste. This is how they are used:
Just a few raw drops, before serving the dish, to enhance it and customize its final flavours or, simply, to add that missing ingredient in the pantry!

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